Hoodsport Coffee Company Coffee Blends

Hoodsport Coffee Company is a full-service espresso cafe best known for our specialty coffee drinks, baked goods, sandwiches and ice cream. Overlooking the scenic Hood Canal, our shop offers customers a cozy and inviting place to grab a sweet treat in the Olympic Peninsula.

Coffee blends at Hoodsport Coffee Company


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US 101 Blend

A blend of South American, Central American, and Kenyan coffees, this coffee is bright, juicy, and full of life. It offers a fruity, crisp cup with flavors of lime and apricot. US 101 blends well with added flavors and spirits, such as the Hardware Distillery’s Merry Cherry. It is the key component of their US 101 Coffee Spirit and tastes wonderful with it as a toddy. It is also a key ingredient in the Olympic Mountain Ice Cream 101 Jubilee.


Hood Canal Blend

A blend of South American and Central American coffees, this coffee has dark chocolate notes that kindle nicely with smoky cedar, raspberry, and currant undertones.


Union City Blend

This nice blend is pleasantly dark with hints of brown sugar, dried cherry and smoky dark chocolate. The full body blends well with flavors.


High Steel Bridge Blend

Our darkest roast, High Steel Bridge is a delightful adventure that takes you to new heights. Seductively sweet, rich, and toasty, it has hints of caramel, dark cocoa, strawberry, and pecan.

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